Louis Wei

第一届VYPC主席 斯坦威青少年钢琴家 2015考入常春藤--布朗大学
Louis Wei Steinway Young Pianist and the first VYPC President was admitted to the Ivy League - Brown University in 2015

Jiaxu Chang

Jiaxu Chang 第二届VYPC主席 曾获美国国际协奏曲比赛第1名,2次受邀到卡内基音乐厅表演
Jiaxu Chang President of the 2nd VYPC won the first prize in the US International Concerto Competition and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall twice

Robin Zong

宗洋,2007年开始学习钢琴。2014年8月取得上海音乐学院社会艺术水平钢琴10级证书。2015年3月通过上海音乐学院社会艺术水平钢琴乐理中级考试。2015年来到温哥华,2016年2月加入了温哥华青少年钢琴家俱乐部。参加了VYPC举办的多项活动。性格开朗阳光,喜欢音乐和运动。 Zhongyang began studying piano in 2007. In 2014 August he received the Shanghai Conservatory of Music grade 10 piano certificate. He moved to Vancouver 2015, in February 2016 he joined the Vancouver Youth Pianist Club and participated in a number of activities organized by VYPC. Cheerful like sunshine, he likes music and sports.

Christina Wei

她5岁开始学习钢琴,参加过Kiwanis和CMC比赛。2011年,取得全国钢琴演奏第三名的成绩。她在2016年Kiwanis木管乐器比赛中, 获得BC省音乐节少年木管乐器第一名。 She started piano lessons at the age of five and played in the Kiwanis and CMC competitions. In 2011, she competed in the Canadian Music Competition and received 3rd place in the final round.         In December 2011, Christina started learning flute with famous flutist Chang Li Liu. In 2016 the Kiwanis competition, she won first in the BC performing arts junior woodwind section. This was her first time ever to play flute in a competition.

Ray Zhang

曾获加拿大全国音乐比赛(CMC)比赛第1名,洛杉矶国际青年钢琴家比赛第2名,维也纳国际音乐比赛第2名等, 曾在美国纽约卡内基音乐厅3000人的斯特恩主厅,意大利法兹­奥利音乐厅,上海东方艺术中心等演出。
Ray Zhang has won 1st place in the Canadian National Music Competition (CMC), 2nd in the International Young Pianist Competition in Los Angeles, 2nd in the International Music Competition in Vienna, and 3rd in the Carnegie Hall in New York. He has played in many famous

Xinyi Wang

Xinyi Wang 曾获加拿大全国音乐比赛(CMC)比赛第3名,美国国际音乐才能比赛中第1名,洛­杉矶国际音乐节比赛第1名,加拿大全国音乐比赛第1名等。

Xinyi Wang won 3rd place in the National Music Competition (CMC), 1st place in the US International Music Talent Competition, 1st place in the Los Angeles International Music Festival, 1st place in the Canadian National Music Competition.


Paul Wang

Paul Wang 曾获得加拿大全国音乐比赛(CMC)比赛第2名, “Crescendo International Competition”(基斯山度国际比赛)冠军,两次在“纽约卡内基演奏厅” 表演
Paul Wang won 2nd place in the Canadian National Music Competition (CMC), "Crescendo International Competition", second in "Carnegie Hall of New York”


Sophie Zhou

Sophie ZHOU 今年6岁,5岁开始学习钢琴。曾参加过俱乐部组织的BC慈善音乐会、初级大师课、2016新年演奏会、敬老院爱心表演等活动。Sophie喜欢画画、读书,玩乐高。Sophie Zhou,6 years old.She began learning piano when she was 5 years old. She participated in the BC charity concert organized by the club, junior master class, 2016 New Year's recital, and nursing home love show and other activities. Sophie likes drawing,reading and play LEGO.



Leon Xing

Leon XIANG 7岁,4岁半开始学琴,已参加近40次VYPC俱乐部活动。曾获BCRMTA  Junior组最高分奖杯和奖学金以及洛杉矶国际青少年音乐家比赛第2名和奖学金。 Leon XIANG, 7 year-old, started learning the piano at age 4.5. He participated in almost 40 VYPC music activities. He won the highest aggregate mark Trophy and scholarship of Junior Division at BCRMTA and won the Second Prize Trophy and scholarship at 2016 LA Young Musician Int’l Competition.

Serena Qu

Serena qu, 4岁开始学钢琴并加入本俱乐部。过去一年积极参加了表演及活动. Serena 喜欢唱歌,跳舞,弹钢琴. 她是一个快乐的女孩.Serena Qu ,started Piano at the ago of 4.She joined VYPC in 2015 and actively involved in VYPC performances and events. Serena likes singing ,dance and piano . She is a happy girl.



JayJay Zhou

周澄杰,JayJay Zhou ,2016年在温哥华北岸音乐比赛中获得四个第一名和两个奖杯。2016年荣获美国天才儿童音乐比赛第一名并于同年7月受邀到纽约卡耐基音乐厅演奏。2016年8月参加洛杉矶青年钢琴大赛获得7岁组第五名的成绩。2016年11月在太平洋青年音乐比赛中获得4~6级组第一名。 In 2016 Jay Jay Zhou has won four first place and two trophies in the Vancouver North Shore Music Competition. He also won the first prize in the American Portege Music Competition and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in July of the same year. In 2016 August he participated in the Los Angeles Youth Piano Competition and won fifth place in the seven years old group. In November 2016, he got the winner in grade 4 to 6 group in Pacific Internatinal Youth Society.



Chloe Sun

孙璐怡5岁开始学钢琴并加入本俱乐部。过去一年积极参加了表演及活动.Chloe 热爱唱歌和音乐,她梦想长大以后能做一名作曲家。 Chloe Sun, started Piano at the ago of 5. She joined VYPC in 2015 and actively involved in VYPC performances and events. Chloe enjoys singing and music, and dreams of becoming a composer